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Playtime Fun (2-3) – Andrea Cooper

Playtime fun with songs, games, finger rhymes, movement!

Songs, Games, and More (4-5) – Katy German

Get ready to move, sing, and giggle! This class will be a fun mix of singing games, fun songs, and our favorite group games. If you have a favorite game, please consider sharing it in class. Throughout the week, we will pick a few special singing games to teach to everyone at the evening Community Dance.

Stories and Dances (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

Square dances, longways and circle dances will be just the ticket along with folktales and story songs. We will act out stories and make up some of our own. We will share singing games as well.

Playing with Traditions (8-9) – Keith Murphy


Dancing Fun (10-12) – Peter Amidon

Music by: Becky Tracy: Peter Amidon will lead 10-12s in vigorous and spirited contra dancing, dignified and stately English dancing, and extraterrestrial choreography, all to the sublime fiddling of Becky Tracy. Each class starts with a folktale.

English Dance (13 & up) – Sue Rosen

Music by: Catherine Miller, Susie Petrov: We'll explore the wide range of wonderful English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the latest gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we'll have fun and dance beautifully.

Appalachian Clogging (13 & up) – Abby Ladin

Music by: Sam Bartlett: Basics first for a great foundation, then we'll clog our way through some traditional square and round dance figures. FUN! See some!


Morning Gathering – Katy German, Tod Whittemore

Music by: Claudio Buchwald, Bruce Rosen


Nap, rest, snore, recharge, dream (99 & under)


Unstructured Art Time (under 10 w/parent)

Community Art (10 & up, younger w/parent) – Andrea Cooper, Abby Ladin

Join us for some quiet art time in the midst of your music and dance filled day. Participants will work on a week-long creative project. An open table of supplies will be available for younger kids and their supervising grown-up, who would like to use this period for unstructured art-making.

Instrument Petting Zoo (8 & up, younger w/parent) – Sam Bartlett, Mark Roberts

Back by popular demand! For those who've always wanted to play an instrument but were afraid to ask, Mark and Sam will facilitate an open instrument menagerie with fiddles, banjos, ukes, whistles, the musical saw, accordion and guitar. We will get you in tune, give you some tips and let you experiment to your heart's delight. You might even learn a tune or two if you're not careful!

Community Band (10 & up, younger if passionate) – Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy

We will work on simple but fun tunes which we will aim to play in the evening dance program. We will work from written music as well as play by ear. All instruments welcome.

Ritual Dance For All (10 & up, younger w/parent) – Susie Petrov

Music by: Claudio Buchwald: You asked for it, you got it! We will explore dances from a variety of English Ritual traditions including Costwold, Border, Molly dances (with 1 or 2 short sticks), hankies, garlands, and a Longsword set. Be ready to jump around to the best of your ability and try something…old and something new to you.

Harmony Singing (10 & up, younger if passionate) – Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon

Peter & Mary Alice will lead a feast of harmony singing from written music and by ear: arrangements of songs from the oral tradition (English, American, African-American), arrangements of songs written by folks steeped in the oral tradition, four-part a cappella and accompanied, and some glorious unison.


Picture Books/Cozy Time (30 Min) (2-3) – Mary Alice Amidon

Come enjoy picture books of stories and songs as Mary Alice reads and sings old favorites. We'll also enjoy some new books from her wonderful collection.

Sing, Dance and Explore (4-5) – Andrea Cooper

The 4 and 5 year-olds will explore singing dances, dancing songs, rhythm games, gaming rhythms, stories with songs, songs with stories, and other fun stuff.

Marble Tracks (6-7) – Claudio Buchwald, Abby Ladin

The kids will create their own marble run on a flat piece of plywood using pre-shaped ramp materials that they will cut to size and glue in place. They will test the run as they add to it and troubleshoot as they go. I will suggest possible variations and, of course, each child will be able to make up their own. One such detail is making a field of nails that makes a musical sound as the marble goes through. All tools and materials will be provided, including small saws and a guide to facilitate making square cuts safely. Each child will make a unique and entertaining toy.

Longsword (8-9) – Susie Petrov

The 8-9 year olds will uphold the Family Week tradition and bear witness to mid-summer by learning a Longsword dance for performance later in the week. Our dance comes from the Ampleforth tradition as filtered through some 25 years of my own students' dancing in school.

Molly Dance (10-12) – Katy German

Music by: Catherine Miller: Who knows how to have a good time? Bored 19th century ploughboys in midwinter, that's who! And boy, are we grateful to them coming up with this fun style of dance. Molly dancing is a living ritual dance tradition that started in England. Though the formations and figures are often similar to other Morris dance traditions, Molly dancing has a distinctively eccentric flare. Molly dancers are known for being creative, mischievous and rowdy, but generally harmless. Wardrobe items to bring: comfortable and supportive shoes, something that is solid black, and something that is wildly colorful or zany.

American Dance (13 & up) – Tod Whittemore

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy, Mark Roberts: Explore a rich and varied collection of dances. At last count, 9000+ contra dance sequences, no shortage of dances! A wide range of square dances, from traditional visiting squares, singing squares, more recent additions to the square dance repertoire will be presented. Traditional and modern dances of both forms will be explored during the week. Drawing on four decades of dance experience will help to create diverse, intriguing, informative and fun sessions.

Instrument Repertoire (13 & up) – Bruce Rosen

Play'em Slow and Play'em Often: Learn new tunes by ear. Walking tunes, barn dance tunes, waltzes, and more, in a stress-free and supportive environment. We'll move at a relaxed pace with plenty of repetition. Musicians at all skill levels/instrumentation are welcome.


Caller's Class (13 & up) – Sue Rosen

Do you think you might want to be a caller? Have you written a dance you'd like us to try out? Come and hear what callers talk about, take a turn at the mic, ask questions, swap ideas and resources or just come and dance with us.

Jam with Sam (13 & up) – Sam Bartlett

Everyone is welcome! Play your favorite tunes, and learn new ones, as well. Every day we'll have a theme, waltzes, reels, Old-Time, Irish and more.


Stories and Poems – Peter Amidon

Peter will lead and host this daily session of classic and epic folktales, humor, legends, a daily poem, songs that tell stories and stories that include songs.


Teens (13-19) – Tod Whittemore, Claudio Buchwald

Teens get their own special hour with master caller Tod Whittemore to explore fun and complex square dance figures, and learn the artful patter of calling. This playful class needs some terrific teen energy to give a contemporary spin to a traditional form.


Community Dance – Peter Amidon

The one time each day dedicated wholly to the entire village of Pinewoods dancing together: all kinds of dances for all kinds of people to great live music.

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