We connect and support people in building and sustaining vibrant communities through participatory dance, music, and song traditions that have roots in English and North American culture.

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Let's Talk About Reentry, Part 5:
News from Groups That Have Resumed In-person Events

Thursday, August 12, 7:00-8:45 p.m. ET (4:00 p.m. PT)
An online discussion for organizers of music, dance, and song communities
We've heard from numerous organizers that there is strong interest in hearing news from communities that have already resumed in-person events. This Web Chat will provide valuable experiences and suggestions from three organizers who are already navigating their reentry, as well as perspectives from a public health professional. Register by August 11, or visit the Web Chat page for full details.

Common TimeCommon Time

Join us on the third Monday of every month for Common Time, a monthly measure of exploration, inspiration, and conversation. This month's offering is Dance It Yourself: From the Living Room to the Classroom, on Monday, August 16 at 7:30 p.m. ET. CDSS Board member and series creator Robbin Marcus, with panelists Mary Epstein, Claire Takemori, and Amy Christianson, discuss our COVID-era dance video series for families, kids, and teachers. Learn more and register!

18th-century engraving of a rattlesnakeAugust 2021 Song of the Month

Judy Cook introduces one of America's oldest folk ballads, "Springfield Mountain." It is the sad, true story of a young man bitten by a rattlesnake near Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Contra Pulse with Karina WilsonContra Pulse

Julie Vallimont discusses the New Mexico folk dance and music scene with fiddler, teacher, composer, and explorer Karina Wilson. Born into a contra dance family, Karina was dancing to the fiddle in the womb, and music and dance have been her north star since before time began.

Kate BarnesCelebrating Kate Barnes

After a long delay due to COVID, we're hosting an online celebration for our 2020 Lifetime Contribution Award winner, Kate Barnes! Register to join us on Sunday, September 26, 2021, 4:00-6:00 p.m. ET. And be sure to submit your memories, photos, and videos of Kate for her digital scrapbook.

Saro Lynch-Thomason on YouTubeSongs that Speak

CDSS is pleased to support "Songs that Speak," a monthly YouTube series by Saro Lynch-Thomason. Learn about the history, folklore, and modern-day relevance of traditional songs, and sing along as Saro teaches each song through sing-and-repeat.

CDSS News, Summer 2021Summer 2021 CDSS News

Read this season's CDSS News, featuring contributions from Rachel Bell, Graham Christian, Daniel Clark, Susan English, Cathy Hollister, Colin Hume, Nicole Singer, Sue Songer, and more!

David KaynorA Celebration of David Kaynor

We're so grateful for everything David Allen Kaynor brought to our world, and for the opportunity we had to honor him with our 2021 Lifetime Contribution Award earlier this year. Learn more and watch the video of the event, and view the digital scrapbook. May his memory (and all his tunes and dances!) be a blessing.

A toy car parked on a map, with text reading 'Are we there yet?!'Reentry Resources for Organizers

In our most recent Web Chat, a lawyer, epidemiologist, dance organizer, and the CDSS Insurance Manager address​ed ​many of our community’s concerns as we begin to safely emerge from the pandemic. This compilation of Reentry Resources includes extensive Q&A sections from the Web Chat, along with a list of considerations to help smooth your journey.

"5 Things...Inside the Dancing Mind of..."5 Things...Inside the Dancing Mind of...

A one-hour chat with Q&A from movers and shakers in the English country dance community from across the country about the five things that they feel are important to our passion for ECD and why. Hosted by the Historical Tea and Dance Society.

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