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CDSS Youth Desk

CDSS supports youth involvement and leadership in English and American dance, music, and singing traditions. We're here to help young dancers, musicians, callers, singers, and organizers -- and their mentors -- make things happen. Here's how:

Youth Projects Intern

In early 2008 CDSS created a new staff position -- the Youth Projects Intern -- to promote youth involvement in our traditions, support youth leadership in the community, develop new programs and resources, and represent CDSS at events. Meet these energetic and enthusiastic additions to our staff, and learn more about what they've been up to, on our Youth Projects Intern page.

Resources & Advice

Want to start something new? CDSS offers a wide range of resources to help young people organize things, develop dance, music and song related skills, and connect with the CDSS community. We also offer tools that help event organizers of all ages increase youth participation and train the next generation of leaders. For more information and ideas, check out our Youth Resources & Advice page.

Groups & Events

The youth dance and music scene all over the continent is thriving. More and more young folks are getting excited about contra and English dancing, joining Morris and sword teams, playing traditional music, or learning how to call. They are organizing events on college campuses and in their communities, and getting involved in promoting traditional dance and music to their friends. Our Youth Groups & Events listing highlights some of what is going on in this vibrant scene.

Help keep up the momentum!

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