What CDSS Was Able to Do with Your Support in 2013


The mission of our Outreach program is to support initiatives that promote education, community, social well-being, and the sustainability of our core traditions. This year, thanks to your support, we were able to:

  • offer outreach grants totaling $10,000, helping 27 groups across the continent strengthen music, dance and song in their regions
  • offer Planning Grants (to develop the pipeline) and Multi-Year Grants (new this year!)
  • move planning along for a new leadership conference, bringing resources to dance communities throughout the Southwestern US (location TBA in early 2014)
  • award a total of $42,638 in scholarships to our summer camps, continuing our commitment to making these programs accessible to all
  • continue to support several fiscal agent/sponsor projects – notably Dancing Well: The Soldier Project



Your generous donations helped CDSS visit communities and advocate for our traditional arts all across North America!



Your support sent CDSS to:

  • testify before the Arts and Tourism Committee, Massachusetts Legislature
  • 2013 Pourparler conference
  • Mass Nonprofit Network conference: Solutions 2013: The Intersection of People and Technology
  • New Hampshire Arts in Education Partnership conference: Exploring Creativity: making Space for the Arts in Our Classrooms, Schools, and Communities, sponsored by The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire
  • Something to Say: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs from Urban Youth and Other Experts, sponsored by National Guild of Community Arts Education


The CDSS Sales Department continually strives to find and stock the best dance resources available. Some of these are not all that easy for us to get a hold of, and cannot be acquired anywhere else in North America.

For instance, this year we purchased a group of items from The Morris Ring, including long out of print Morris On CDs (they had them in a closet! They have been out of print for years!) as well as some other out of print discs. We bought these discs along with Lionel Bacon’s Handbook of Morris Dances, allowing us to divide the cost of shipping over more items, and were thus able to keep Handbooks in stock and at an accessible price.

We continue to offer the best quality insurance policies we can, as inexpensively as we can. This year we made further improvements in the policies, offering better coverage and less exposure, while keeping pricing level with last year.


We continued our 80-year tradition of offering excellent summer camps for adults and families. A primary mission of our camps is to offer opportunities for skill-building and leadership development in the intensive immersion of a week-long program.  In 2013, we directed resources towards the following special programs:


With your support, we completed these projects in 2013:

And in the works:

  • The Playford Assembly, ed. Graham Christian
  • Tony Barrand’s Atwood Family Song Collection (working title)
  • Classic English Set Dances: Dances selected from The Playford Ball with music selected from CDSS recordings (book/cd set)


In 2013, your donations supported work on a number of major projects, including:


We are passionate about bringing traditional dance, music and song to the world in new and exciting ways! This year, your support allowed us to:

  • continue to keep folks informed of what’s going on with our quarterly e-blasts, quarterly newsletter (print and online), blog, Facebook page, and tweets
  • improve the design of e-newsletter
  • add online only Web Extras to newsletter
  • introduce the CDSS Sings column in the Spring issue of the News
  • refresh our website, making it easier for members and friends to find and access resources
  • enhance our social media presence with a YouTube channel, Instagram and Flickr accounts, allowing us more opportunities to interact and share with our members and friends and respond more quickly to their needs
  • with new signs, banners, logos, promotional materials, mission & vision, present ourselves to the world in a fresh, compelling, and inviting way — to those who know us, those already participating, potential funders, and the curious public