There are countless ways to use the web to promote your events, and new tools are being invented every day. You don't need to be a programmer to take advantage of these services; there are many tools that allow anyone to create a web site, or contribute to a calendar of events.

Places to list events online

There are many, many web sites that maintain calendars of events and allow the public to submit listings. Most public radio stations have online events calendars; there are town, city, state, and region-focused listings; Craigslist has events postings; Facebook and other social networking sites have tools for inviting friends and people in certain groups and networks to relevant events; Ted Crane's Dance Database and the Dance Gypsy each list regular dances and performers; local and regional folk music societies and dance organizations maintain lists of regular and special events. All of these can be useful places to publicize events. Search online to find the most relevant sites in your area. 

Building your own web site

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Using Facebook

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