Sheffield Collection

The Ken Sheffield Collection

FROM TWO BARNS: Ten Country Dances (mainly from Thompson, Wright and Wilson) compiled by Ken Sheffield

In 1982 Ken Sheffield published the first volume of From Two Barns. The plan was to produce a book of ten dances each year for ten years; other activities got in the way, as they tend to do, but ten books were eventually published, the last one in 2005.

Volume 10 includes a short history titled “Why From Two Barns” which explains the title of the series, and how and why they happened. Read more about Ken here.

The original dances and tunes are presented here as individual PDF files. They can be sorted by title, volume title, volume number, and page number. Dances originally published on two pages are in one PDF file. You may also download an entire volume as one PDF; search for the word Complete along with the volume number under Title.

All dances are © Ken Sheffield and are published here with his permission. The dances and tunes may be printed for your own use, under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike: CC BY-NC-SA. This means:

  • you must credit Ken Sheffield and the CDSS E-Library;
  • you may print and redistribute the dances, and build upon Ken’s work;
  • all new work must carry the same license, so any derivatives must also be non-commercial in nature.