Registration Information

Short registration online

Submit registration request and pay deposit.

Pay your balance online

You should have received a Registration Status Form that tells how much is due. You will need to fill in that amount due.

Reserve seats on a van between Boston's Logan and Pinewoods

If your flight will arrive in Boston by 1pm, this is for you.

Full registration form

PDF document you can snailmail, fax or email us with your payment. Please note that you must fill out both the registration form and the appropriate waiver.

Adults only Waiver

Families Waiver

Waiver for Minor children attending without a parent/guardian

[If your registration has several complications, you may want to use this, even if you pay the deposit with an online registration.]

Admissions Policy

Only full‑time registrants will be considered. We do not consider gender in our admissions.

All registrations received by the early deadline of March 21 (for special courses March 14) will be processed together. Registrations received after that will be accepted in order of receipt. If a week is oversubscribed on those dates a lottery will be held. Some weeks may fill by the early deadline, but spaces do open up. After March 25, availability will be stated on this site.

At our family weeks each age grouping has a maximum number of spaces available. All other weeks accept anyone age 15 and up. We sometimes accept a limited number of infants and children at non-family weeks; please call if you are interested. Applicants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Preference is given to CDSS members whose registrations are received by March 21 and you may join with Registration. Each adult on a Registration Form must be a CDSS member in order to get preference. Family membership may include up to 2 adults (18+) living in the same household. Preference, within limits, is given to CDSS Committee and Governing Board members and to individuals nominated by CDSS Affiliates (as described in forms sent to all Affiliate groups).

If you are a CDSS member and were wait listed for and did not attend your first choice week the last two times you registered, you are guaranteed admission to your first choice week this year as long as you were a member those previous times and registered by the processing date. If this applies to you, send a note with your Registration Form by March 21 (or March 14 for special courses). This priority does not extend to others on your registration. This policy lets people attend their first choice week in the third year, even while attending one of our other programs as a second choice the previous two years.

Deposits and Payments

Payment by check

Payable to CDSS in U.S. Funds. Deposit $150/person/week if not paying full amount. Full payment due by dates below. Late fee $25. Mail to CDSS, 116 Pleasant St Suite 345, Easthampton, MA 01027

Full payment for sessions starting before August 1: due May 20

Full payment for sessions starting on or after August 1: due June 20

Pay by credit card

Mastercard or VISA. Deposit will be taken with registration.

Deposits/payments are processed upon receipt. In the case of cancellation from the wait list or from a session, a refund will be issued for the appropriate amount (see below).

Registration Forms may be mailed, delivered, e-mailed or faxed to the CDSS office. Registration Status Forms will be sent out after April 1. If you wish confirmation that we received your application, please send a stamped, self-addressed postcard or email us at


If you must cancel, please let us know as soon as possible; we often have someone on a waiting list eager to attend. If you cancel from the wait list or before March 21, your entire deposit will be refunded. If you cancel on or after March 21 but more than 8 weeks before the session starts, we will retain $75 per person to a maximum of $150 per application. If you cancel between 8 and 2 weeks before the session starts, we will retain $150 per person to a maximum of $300 per application. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the session starts, we will retain $300 per person to a maximum of $600 per application. In the event of cancellation without notification, the entire fee will be retained. Registrations are not transferable.


We offer work scholarships to any camper in need, and named scholarships to practicing teachers, leaders and musicians. Please read about our scholarship programs before applying. Scholarship applications will be considered at the time of registration and should therefore accompany the Registration Form.

Camp Waiver Form

Everyone attending a CDSS Dance & Music Camp must sign a waiver of liability to participate. If you didn't sign the waiver as part of the online registration process, you may access the forms here. You can also download the appropriate waiver and mail it in.

Adults only - we need the signature of each adult.

Families - at least one parent/guardian needs to fill this out for each minor (under age 18) attending camp.

Minor children attending without a parent/guardian - Minor children attending without parent or Guardian – This waiver needs to be printed and signed by both the parent/guardian of the child and the person who will serve as guardian at camp.

If you can’t print a copy of a particular waiver, we can mail a copy.