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CDSS News Winter 2016-2017

CDSS news winter 2016 2017 cover(photo courtesy of Pourparler)


Letters and Announcements


“Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still” (Eleazar Tillett, 1951)

“Conversation: Let’s Make a Date” (Eleazar Tillett, Martha Etheridge, Anne & Frank Warner, 1951)

“Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still” (Jeff Warner, from Long Time Traveling, copyright WildGoose WGS 385, 2011; with Caroline Robson, vocals; Jonny Dyer, piano;  Vicki Swan, nyckelharpa)


March/April 2009 — Yoga for Dancers: The Upper Spine
Fall 2009 — Yoga for Dancers: Align the Spine
Spring 2010 — Yoga for Dancers: Opening the Shoulders
Winter 2010 — Yoga for Dancers: Long Legs, Strong Back
Winter 2012-2013 — Yoga for Dancers: Shoulders Back...and So Much More
Winter 2013-2014 — Yoga for Dancers: Thumbs, Wrists, Shoulders and a Postural Epidemic
Summer 2014 — Yoga for Dancers: Why the Well-Lifted Spine? For Breath’s Sake
Fall 2014 — Yoga for Dancers: Open the Shoulders, Open the Breath
Winter 2014-2015 - Yoga for Dancers: Keep Practicing
Summer 2015 - Yoga for Dancers: Abdominal Integrity, Part the First


WEB EXTRA: Hear Jeff sing “The Baldheaded End of the Broom” from Jolly Tinker,

WEB EXTRA: In School Program: A Teachers Guide

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