Dance and Music Camps

English & American Traditional, Participatory, Dance, Music and Song

2016 Program Weeks

Most of the dates for 2016 are now official! Additional courses and detailed descriptions will be added as they become available; camp registration begins by January 1. We look forward to seeing you at camp in 2016!

Summer Dance & Music Camps

CDSS Programs
Photo: Nicholas Smith

Each summer, the Country Dance and Song Society runs several residential weeks for adults and families where we get to experience traditional English and North American dance and music in beautiful outdoor settings. Each weeklong program, while including some of each, has a unique focus and offers its own mix of dance, music, song and special workshops. There are daily classes, a dance party each evening (sometimes with a concert), followed by late-night activities, plus there is swimming, canoeing, and relaxing with old friends and new. Not to mention the scrumptious meals, fresh air, and break from our daily hectic lives. Programs are held near Plymouth, MA (Pinewoods); High View, WV (Timber Ridge); and Lyman, NH (Ogontz). New in 2016 is Dance, Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell in Lexington, MI.

We will add details on each program as they become available.

Adult Programs

Each week's program has a unique focus and each offers a different mix of daily dance and music classes, singing and special workshops, with plenty of rest/play time. Once a day the whole camp gathers for games, singing or presentations. After dinner each evening there is a dance party, often with a concert, followed by late-night activities.

The minimum age for attendance at our adult weeks is 15. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 23. We can sometimes also accept a limited number of infants and children; please call for details. Adults without children are also welcome at Campers' and Family Weeks.

Family Programs

Our family programs provide many opportunities to share traditional English and Anglo-American dance, music and storytelling as well as the beauty of the outdoors with children. This is a great way to spend time with your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, or other children dear to you.

At the Family Weeks, each age grouping has a maximum number of spaces available. Adults without children are also welcome. Our Family and Campers' Weeks offer new material and many insights for teachers, librarians, and others working with children who wish to incorporate traditional music and dance material into their curriculum.

Recent articles in Making Music Magazine and South Shore Living have highlighted our Family camps.

I was at CDSS Family Week at Pinewoods this summer - FABULOUS. During a conversation about how wonderful it was to watch all the kids embrace the week, the woman with whom I was speaking leaned closer to me. In a very serious, eyebrows-raised, I'm-about-to tell-you-the-secret-of-life kind of way she said, "You know, deciding to bring my kids to dance camp every year was the best decision I ever made as a parent." She meant it with every fiber of her being. And I instantly knew she was right. My kids are fairly young and most of the time I feel like I'm just winging it, but I knew at that moment that whatever else I get wrong, bringing them into the world of family dance camp is one heck of a got-it-right. Music, history, community, dancing, singing, and life-long friendships; there's nothing else quite like it. I'm grateful to have grown up with all this, and I hope to share it with as many others as I can. -- Katy German, Sept 2013