Program Week Details

2016 Summer Programs

This is preliminary information on next summer's programs. More detail and registrations forms will be available by the New Year. In 2016, Ogontz and Cavell join Timber Ridge with Sunday starts; at Pinewoods, the weeks start on Saturdays.

2016 Summer Camp Programs

Week Location Adult Program Family Program Start Date Program Directors
Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge Timber Ridge adult family 08/14/16 Janine Smith
Dance, Music & Spice Cavell adult   08/14/16 Carol Ormand
Square Dance Callers Course Timber Ridge adult   08/14/16 Kathy Anderson
American Dance & Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/06/16 Sue Rosen
Campers' Week Pinewoods adult family 08/20/16 Margaret Bary
Early Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/13/16 Larry Zukof
English Dance Leaders Training in Music Pinewoods adult   08/13/16 Gene Murrow
English Dance Week Pinewoods adult   07/30/16 Robin Hayden
Family Week at Ogontz Ogontz   family 07/31/16 Bettie & Steve Zakon-Anderson
American Dance Musicians Course Ogontz adult   07/31/16 Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
Teachers Training Course Ogontz adult   07/31/16 Kari Smith
Revels by the Lake Ogontz adult family 07/24/16 Paddy Swanson
Family Week at Pinewoods Pinewoods   family 07/16/16 Sam Bartlett & Abby Ladin
Harmony of Song & Dance Pinewoods adult   07/23/16 Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
Contra Dance Callers Course Pinewoods adult   07/23/16 Lisa Greenleaf