Willam Winter's Quantocks Tune Book

by Geoff Woolfe

This new tune book contains 376 tunes selected from the manuscript of WILLIAM WINTER.William was a fiddle player who lived from 1774 to 1861 in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. He played in a church band and for country dances and worked as a shoemaker in the villages of Lydeard St Lawrence and West Bagborough. The introduction to the book describes Winters life and his music as well as life in Somerset in the early 19th century.You will find here many unfamiliar tunes as well as new versions of familiar ones; jigs, waltzes, polkas, hornpipes and marches.The accompanying CD contains a selection 32 tunes, from over 300 tunes in the book, played by Rob Harbron (concertina), Miranda Rutter and Nancy Kerr (fiddles), with Tim van Eyken (melodeon)This book will appeal to dance and other musicians and anyone interested in the musical history of the West Country.


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