Traditional Barn Dance with Calls and Fiddling (Book/CD/DVD set)

by Dudley Laufman

Created by Dudley and  Jacqueline Laufman, Traditional Barn Dances With Calls & Fiddling   includes a DVD and two-CD package with everything instructors need to teach 53 dances to participants of all ages and abilities. Music, calls, and dance steps are included for Virginia Reel, Portland Fancy, Paul Jones, Grand March, Seven-Step Polka, Farandole, and Jefferson and   Liberty   and more. This comprehensive package provides the tools for facilitating an interdisciplinary learning experience as participants learn the dances along with their historical contexts. Participants also have the option of playing the music themselves, using the sheet music, or selecting from the music CD tracks. Over time, users can learn the calls, and start calling the dances themselves. After presenting background on traditional barn dancing and instructions on setting up and calling dances, the Laufmans organize the dances according to three traditional formations, providing detailed instruction on circle dances, square dances, and longways dances. They also cover dances in other formations and provide suggestions for including people in wheelchairs and those with varying abilities.


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