The Pride and Prejudice Collection Volume lll

by Pemberley Players,

The Third Volume in the Pride and Prejudice Collection brings another selection of beautiful tunes and dances from the 17th and 18th Centuries that were popular in the Regency Period, with brand new arrangments by David Fleming-Williams.

As with Pride and Prejudice Collection Volume 2, we have referred back to the original manuscripts and, where suitable, David has used the original tunes.
In the same manner, Reg Battle has re-interpreted some of the dances trying to get back more closely to ‘how it might have been done’, bearing in mind the expectations of today's dancers.

You can listen to the music on the CD but also, if you have a computer,
you can access both the Dance Notations and the Music Notations. 

The Dances are: The Corporation, Cream Pot, Draper’s Maggot, The Dressed Ship, Hunsdon House, Hyde Park, The Ladies Joy, Maiden Lane, Love’s Triumph, The Merry, Merry Milkmaids, Mr Isaac’s Maggot, Parson upon Dorothy, Picking of Sticks, Row Well Ye Mariners,The Spaniard, Wakefield Hunt, Well Hall and The Young Widow


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