The Food of Love

by Belshazzar's Feast

Double album. A studio and a live performance album from these masters of entertainment.

Paul Sartin vocals, fiddle, oboe
Paul Hutchinson accordion


1. Mundesse; Gathering Peascods
2. Twenty, Eighteen
3. Softly Good Tummas; Shropshire Lass
4. Dol Thy Ale; Rumanian Dance
5. Rondo a la Turkey
6. Calne; Be Careful In Choosing A Wife
7. Best Of Friends; Bishop Of Chester’s Jig
8. Gentle Diana; Navvy Man
9. Cal
10. Backs And Sides
11. Music For A Found Harmonium

Disc 2 - Live:
1. Introduction
2. Boda Waltz; Miss Love’s Waltz
3. Tommy Jenkins; Hunt the Squirrel
4. La Belle Jardiniere; Ebenezer
5. Goliath of Gath
6. Ffarwel Ned Pugh; Something Unpronounceable
7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Spring from The Four Seasons
8. Hashbaz


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