The CDS Boston English Dance Collection, Vol. 14: Invitation to Waltz

by Bare Necessities

Here are waltzes in a variety of styles and tempos suitable for couple or set dancing.  Ranging from wistful slow airs to driving quick time tunes, the music reflects numerous cultural heritages. Many have been adopted for English country dances, in which case they are played at tempos and lengths appropriate for the dance. The English Dance name appears in parentheses. Bare Necessities is Peter Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Mary Lea and Jacqueline Schwab.

Tracks include: A Bruxa (for The Flying Sorceress)• The Middle of Night (for Prince of Westborough) • Valse de Pastouriaux • Longevity • South Side Waltz (for For Robert...) • Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz  • Intrigas no Boteco • Sperantsa Pierduta • Under the Birches • Come Let's Be Merry (Hackney Minuet)• Susan's Waltz (for Indian Summer) • The Invitation • Felicity


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