Returning Heros

by Spare Parts

Spare Parts is back with a new CD straight out of the 1860s!  Spare Parts is know for both their historical accuracy and their stellar musicianship.  Musicians include: Bill Matthiesen (piano), Liz Stell (flute), and Ruthie Dornfield (violin), plus Eric Buddington (violin), Peter Ecklund (brass), Frank Orsini (mandolin), Tom Sauber (banjo); Mark Murphy, Carol Hamm, and Cary Black (bass).

Tracks include: Deliciosa, or Leonore Polka, Grand March: Stephen Foster Medley, La Redowa, Zouave Schottishe,Jeff Davis's Dream: a jig medley, La Douce Pensée Polka Mazurka, The Rats Quadrilles, 5 figures, The Wrecker's Daughter Galop, Willie Mazurka, Dodworth's Very Best Polka, Single Quadrille medley, Turkey in the Straw & Devil's Dream, Polka Contra Medley, La Cachucha, a waltz, Virginia Reel: Southern Belles Medley, Endearing Young Charms.


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