Ragged, Rent and Torn

by Shira Kammen

In "Ragged, Rent and Torn", Shira and friends turn their attention to the bawdy, fun and lewd songs that were traditionally associated with English dance tunes in their day.  The artistry is definitely taken seriously, but at the same time this is an album of music "just for fun".  Shira’s friends on the disc include Dave Bartley, Shay Black, Danny Carnahan, Jennifer Ellis, Fred Goff, Charlie Hancock, Sylvia Herold, David Morris, Susan Rode Morris, Julian Smedley and Doug Olsen

Tracks include: The Little Barleycorn (Stingo), When Laura Smiles, The Prodigal's Resolution, Lilliburlero, The Devil And The Farmer's Wife (Lilliburlero), Cam' Ye O'er Frae France (Key To The Cellar), Le Brandevin, Sack For My Money (The Friar In The Well), Stingo, John Barleycorn : There Was Three Kings (Lull Me : Spring Garden), Star Of The County Down, A-Rovin (Faithless Nancy Dawson), Daphne (Hit And Miss), Bonny Sweet Robin (10 For The 10 Commandments), Valiant Cookmaid (Round About Our Coal Fire : Old Simon The King) and If All The World Were Paper


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