Out of the Hat

by Folkus Pocus

 A mixture of English Playford / Playford-style and American contra dance tunes. Including music for dances by: Gary Roodman, Loretta Holz, Charles Bolton and Fried De Metz Herman.  Our contra sets include tunes by Peter Barnes, Rodney MIller and Susan Conger, alongside well-known traditional jigs and reels. Tracks include: Ashford Anniversary, Reel des Jeunes Maries/Reel St. Joseph/Old French Portsmouh, Scotty O'Neil/Happy Acres Two Ste, The Homecoming, Bus Stop Reel/Dedicado a Jos/The Phonecall. Christina, Fair Jenny's Jig/Myra's Jig, Hand in Hand, Asher/Nixon's Farewell, Fandango, Kesh Jig/Out on the Ocean/Stool of Repentance, Mount HIlls, Byron's Boutade, Candles in the Dark, Batchelder's Reel/Pays De Haut/The Gale


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