by Old New England

Old New England is Bob McQuillen, Jane Orczechowski and Deanna Stiles.  This second CD from Old New England is destined to become a classic of traditional New England Contra dance music. Bob, Deanna and Jane have chosen some of their best loved tunes to play, many of them written by Bob. There are some stellar cuts here. Jane's Waltz and She Passed by Gently are truly lovely. They finish up with three tunes from the Quebecois tradition - La Tadoussac, Quadrille Francis, and Bastringe. Its a great finish. You don't want to miss this one.

1. His Dad's Polka, Sunset Polka, Roll Away Polka 2. RichHart's Reel, Aunt Maddie's Reel, Rocky Bay 3. Jane's Waltz, She Passed by Gently 4. Blackberry Quadrille, McMcKinnon's Fipple, The Boxman 5. Ralph Page 6. Lloyd Carr's Reel, Never Was Piping So Gay 7. Augusta Waltz, Gram Lee, Woodland Dream 8. Snowshoer's Hornpipe, Peace River Breakdown, High Level Hornpipe 9. Shetland Fiddler, Bearded Fiddler, Town of Cootehill 10. Liza Constable's Reel, Daley's Hornpipe, Hurricaine Hazel 11. The Air Tune 12. La Tadoussac, Quadrille Francais, La Bastringue


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