On the Beat with Ralph Sweet

by Ralph Sweet, Nils Fredland

A CDSS Pubication

On the Beat with Ralph Sweet: Singing Squares and Patter Calls from the Collection of an American Master

Over two hundred pages of Ralph Sweet’s favorite squares from his collection acquired over the course of a sixty-year calling career. The book includes instructional essays on how to call patter and singing squares; each of the ninety squares in the book includes instructions for the figure, teaching tips, sequences, and notes that add Ralph’s unique historical (and occasionally hysterical!) perspective; all thirty-four singing squares include music for the accompanying tune; there is a nineteen page section called “Intros, Breaks, and Endings,” that takes the mystery out of this important part of square dance calling; there is a special “Hoedowns” section, with music for suggested tunes to back up a patter-style square dance caller; and there is a section called “Sources” that gives some information on the origin of each of the squares in the book.  All that, and photos too! Purchase “On the Beat,” and get to know Ralph Sweet through the medium he’s most passionate about: SQUARE DANCING!


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