New Leaf

by Rodney Miller
David Surette

The music of Rodney Miller and David Surette radiates the joy of the New England Contra scene. Many tunes are of Celtic origin, but Rodney and David imbue them all with a special New England flair. Their stellar musicianship ranks them as leading interpreters of traditional and modern New England dance melodies. New Leaf demonstrates that they are in the vanguard of the New England Contra music evolution.

1. Arthur Seat Hornpipe, Eugene Stratton Hornpipe, Madame Neruda Hornpipe 2. Auld Snatwell 3. Princess Reel, Pacific Slope, Marcel Martin 4. Flowin' Water 5. Red Sunset Waltz 6. Shadows on the Lawn, Cunla, The Brae Reel 7. Statue Clog, Nightingale Clog, Great Western Clog, Lady Templeton's Clog 8. Poor Old Woman, Ned Kendall's Hornpipe, Levi Beaulieu 9. Italian Gigues - Monferrine 10. Da Wedding March from Unst, Da Auld Foula Reel 11. Caber Fey, Island Ferry, Wild Irish Reel 12. Wayne Merrill's Jig, Courtesan's Jig 13. Frisco Waltz 14. Evit Gabriel


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