More from Dan's Hall

by Dancehall Players

Here is the second CD from the Dancehall Players!  The story of The Dancehall Players started at Dan's Hall, attached to a 19th century farmhouse in Victoria. There, in 2001, regular Thursday evening English Country dances were established and live music was part of this venture from the beginning.  The Dancehall Players are Gregory Brown, Susan larkin, Keith Malcolm, Karen McIvor, Dan Page, Ann Schau and Lael Whitehead.  Tracks include Aprils March, Hunt the Squirrel, St Catherine, Quem Pastores, La Gavre, Tango in Toronto, A Trip to Paris, Twelfth Night at the Fireside/The Lass She Danced Alone, As Luck Will Have It, Hambleton's Round-o, Red and All Red, Frank Palmer, Elegant Dancer, Branle Des Chevaux, Delia or The Amorous Goddess and Annika's Waltz.


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