Lowdown Hoedown

by Reckless Ramblers

Nat Hewitt is from Nelson, NH where the Nelson Town Hall has hosted contra dances for over 200 years. Lowdown Hoedown is exciting contra music that shows that you don't have to have piano to play good contra. Nat plays fiddle and guitar and with Larry and Sam all on strings, together they make unbelievable music. Larry Unger's tune, Door Country #2, is one of my favorites.

1. Fatal Bert, Bogan's, Baker's Favorite 2. The Judge 3. That Sultry Waltz 4. Lowdown Hoedown, Elzic's Farewell 5. Glen Echo Jig, Robin's Bodhran, Thingama 6. The Brunt Leg, The Long Campaign 7. Steve and Bettie 8. Door County #2, Sweetbriar 9. Paddy on the Internet 10. The Slippery Jig, The Green Reel 11. La Gima Polka 12. Cumberland 13. Lad O'Beirne's. The Phone Call


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