Late Last Summer

by Judy Hyman, Dick Hyman

This beautiful, lyrical, and sensuous set of father-daughter violin/fiddle and piano duets falls under the notion of "better late than never," as it was recorded when famed jazz pianist and musical director Dick Hyman was 85 and his daughter Judy, Emmy-winning TV music composer and a founding member of famed alt-rock/folk band the Horse Flies with her husband Jeff Claus, was closing in on 60. The disc consists of 13 waltzes that Judy had penned over the previous ten years -- all of which lend themselves beautifully to seamless collaborative magic. Though it may shape up as a once-in-a-lifetime weeklong session that doesn't lend itself to a follow-up, it's notable because it takes both Hymans out of their accolade-filled comfort zones. Late Last Summer album There are jazzy elements, but it's not jazz. Judy approaches her instrument in ways that recall her best fiddle music and her classical background, but the duets aren't limited to those forms.


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