Impropriety Volume l

by Roguery

This album includes all the English country dances published in Impropriety Volume 1, the country dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett. Anita Anderson (piano, voice, bells, zills) and Dave Bartley (guitars, cittern, mandolin, dumbek) from Seattle WA, Jim Oakden (recorders, clarinets, banjo, whistle, guitar, accordion) from Santa Cruz CA, and Shira Kammen (fiddle, viola, vielle, voice) from Berkeley CA, met in the Rogue Valley of Oregon to record this album. The bands varied influences include English, contra, early music, classical, Breton, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Galician, French, Balkan, jazz-fusion, gospel, Scandinavian, and Greek. Kevin Carr, of the Rogue Valley, joins the band on tracks 4, 10, 15 (uilleann pipes) and #7 (lead fiddle). Brooke joins the band on tracks 3 (drum) and 14 (mando-cello and voice).


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