Impropriety Volume lV

by Roguery

Roguery is Back with a fourth CD to go with Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett's Impropety series.  19 tracks of country dance bliss!  Roguery is Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Jim Oakden, and Shira Kammen.  Tracks include, It's Always Something, Essentials (Andrew's Maggot), To Dance Divine, Foot it Featly, Jubilation, Travelers, Chocolate Moose, Reflections, Monte Toyon Mist, Julie's Scandal, A Big Heart, Standard Conclusions, Banjo in a Bear Suit, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, General Grooviness of the Universe, Rain on the Roof, Birds of a Feather, 1A, and All Who Wander.


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