Dick Richardson

by Dick Richardson

For those who are interested in the history of Contra music, this CD is a fine introduction. The Monadnock Region is credited for keeping the tradition of old time fiddle and dance alive. We are thankful that fiddlers like Dick Richardson kept the tradition going.

Tracks include: 1. Red River Gal 2. Chicken Reel 3. Marlborough Quickstep 4. Spanish Cavelero 5. French Four 6. Lady Walpole Reel 7. Prince Imperial Gallop (Richardson's Band) 8. Crooked Stove Pipe (Richardson's Band) 9. Haltone Special (Haltone Four) 10. Maggie in the Woods (Haltone Four) 11. On the Road to Galway (Haltone Four) 12. Maguinnis' Delight


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