Classic English Country Dances


A CDSS Pubication

The latest from the CDSS vaults.  All the dances in the book/CD combo are taken from Keller and Schimer's Playford Ball, and represent the early English dance repertoire in North America.  The accompanying CD features tracks from early CDSS recordings (featuring Marshall Barron, Phil Merrill and many others), and was remastered by Gary Roodman.  Dances include Apley House, The Boatman, Chestnut, Come Let's Be Merry, The Dressed Ship, Dublin Bay, The Female Saylor, Jack's Health, Joy After Sorrow, Mad Robin, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Newcastle, Orleans Baffled, Picking Up Sticks, Prince William, Saint Margaret's Hill, Scotch Cap, The Shrewsbury Lasses, and A Trip to Tunbridge.  All cuts are dance length and tempo.


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