By Request: Dances for Volume 7

by Helene Cornelius, Francis Attanasio

A CDSS Pubication

This edition, By Request, was created by soliciting suggestions from the community (as did Volume 9: Strong Roots). Preference was given to requests by dance leaders who depend on recordings and who are, in fact, the target audience for the entire series. We feel the final selection creates a program balanced in style, key, mood, and tempo. Compositions run from 1710 to 2001, and while the majority of them are from the 18th century, new dances are making their way into the repertoire and, more importantly, being sought out by the community. It shows a vibrancy and energy in a dance style that on the surface might seem dated and stagnant. Of the 14 dances, ten are duple minor, plus three two-couple longways and one square. Dances are: The Collier’s Daughter, Cupid’s Garden, Dover Pier, Gigue for Genny, The Gypsy Round, In the Fields of Frost and Snow, Jaque Latin, Midnight Ramble, Mrs. Savage’s Whim, Ore Boggy, Perpetual Motion, Ramsgate Assembly, Red and All Red, and When Laura Smiles.



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