By Choice: Dances for Volume 8

by Helene Cornelius, Francis Attanasio

Volume 8 “By Choice,” is a collection of twelve dances to accompany a selection of favorites tunes chosen by Bare Necessities. To provide a volume of dances to accompany such lovely music is a treat.

 Volume 8 is something of a complement to the previous volume 7, “By Request”, which was a selection of dances chosen by the dance community. Of the dances in the book, nine are duple minor, all in proper formation. The remaining dances are a three couple longways, a two couples facing, and a four couple dance. The dances range in date of composition from 1651 to 2001. While the majority of the dances are from the 18th century, new dances are making their way into the repertoire, as seen here. Also of note is that many of the older dances have “modern” interpretations, which is a great illustration of the vibrancy and energy of a dance style that on the surface might be thought dated. Dances include Angels Unawares, The Beggar Boy, The Bonny Grey Ey'd Morn, Cockle Shells, Easter Tuesday, The Haymakers, Muriel's Measure, The Night Cap, The Princess, Rufty Tufty, Softly Good Tummas, and The Turning of the Year.


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