A Group of Calculated Figures

by Gary Roodman

The latest in the Calculated Figures series from Gary Roodman, 15 new dances!  In three of these dances, every dancer is in a different place with a different partner every time. These are, as far as Gary can tell, the first of their kind. In fact, Gary, a mathematician, actually brought another mathematician into the equation and between the two of them they devised a way for this to happen. Dances include Anna Turns Five, Belle of Greensboro, Capital Lads, Fostering Traditions, Hopkinton Lasses, The Invitation, The Married Andrews, Mevigissey Car Park, Midwinter Maggot, A New and Awful Dignity, New Hampshire Nocturne, Nina's Smile, Social Symmetry, A Solstice Snow, and Trip to Chippenham.


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