by Old New England

Old New England has a new CD, their third, called ONE:III of course. Here is a blurb from Mary DesRosiers' liner notes."The members of Old New England have come by their music in the old way. They have learned it from other musicians in that unbroken chain which stretches back to the British Isles, France and beyond. Through their passion for keeping the old alive, as well as adding new ones that "fit" our dance tradition, they have themselves become a precious link in that chain. I defy anyone to listen to this music and not feel the urge to get up and dance: that's what it's about. Old New England is Bob McQuillen, Deanna Stiles and Jane Orzechowski.

1. Black Cat Quadrille, Prince Imperial Galop, George Cheroux 2. Sheila's Hornpipe, David Millstone's Hornpipe, Mary Lou and Charlie 3. The Bowmaker, Mood Swing, Shauna's Jig 4. Sally's Waltz, Eileen's Waltz, Allen McBride 5. ONE Polka, Lady's Polka, Macky Quacky 6. Brigid of of Knock, The Gypsy Girl 7. Caroline's Hornpipe, Uncle George's Reel, Reel de Ste. Louise 8. Martha's (about time!) Waltz, L and M Waltz, April Flowers 9. Mrs. Fraser's Party in the Catskills, Bob's Reel 10. Star Island Jig, Bob's Fancy, Edith and David's Hornpipe 11. Da Slockit Light


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