Pinewoods Camp Facility

About Pinewoods Camp

tl_files/cdss/images/camp maps/map-pinewoods-thumb.jpgCDSS has been at Pinewoods Camp since 1933. Located on 25 acres of woodlands near Plymouth, Massachusetts, it provides the setting for educational vacations filled with music and dance. Spacious, wooden outdoor dance pavilions are nestled among the towering pines. Cozy two-person cabins offer accommodations between two beautiful lakes, which are ideal for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and relaxing. The main pebbly beach has a long dock, with deep-water swimming to the anchored raft offshore. Scattered along the shores of the two lakes are other, more private, entries to the water. Gatherings, parties and concerts are held in the lakeside Camphouse, next to the main beach. The open-air, lakeside Dining Hall offers delicious meals and a congenial atmosphere for meeting new friends. With their large stone fireplaces, both the Dining Hall and the Camphouse provide a warm place to gather in cooler weather.

Plan your packing so that you can carry luggage to your cabin over narrow, sometimes uphill paths. There are carts available in the parking areas to help with loading or unloading.

Pinewoods is about a one hour drive from Boston, MA, and about five hours from New York, NY. It is accessible by train, bus and van service.

Getting to CDSS programs at Pinewoods from Boston's Logan Airport!

It is easier than ever to get to CDSS programs at Pinewoods Camp from Boston's Logan Airport! Book a flight that arrives by 1p.m. and reserve, here, a seat on the 2:00 van to camp – this is the earliest we will be ready to receive you. Seats are $30 each. The van runs from Terminal A right to camp, where the greeters will help you unload at the place most convenient to your cabin. You can also reserve a seat for your 9:45 departure on the last day of camp, suitable for flights noon and later. Please reserve your van seats at least 1 week before you arrive. We cannot guarantee space for late reservations. Also, talk with us if your flight times are incompatible with these vans, we may be able to schedule additional vans at other times.

Housing at Pinewoods

Cabins on the Hill

Most housing is in double-occupancy cabins with bathrooms close by. There are some buildings with several single rooms, as well as a few houses with a variety of bedrooms and bathrooms. Double cabins tend to be quieter than singles or houses.

General housing categories are:
Quiet or party areas
Double or single occupancy
Double cabin
Building with bathroom
Specific area or building

Housing is assigned in the month before camp starts. Space is limited; we can't guarantee that all specific requests will be filled. Requests may be made on the Registration Form or with information sent later. For Family and Campers' Weeks, housing will be assigned based on the age of the youngest family member; most children over six are assigned a roommate in a cabin near their parents.