Ogontz Camp Facility & Programs 2009

Family Week
Teachers Training Course
August 1 - August 8, 2009
Not offered 2009

About Ogontz Camp

Ogontz is a beautiful 300-acre camp near Lyman, New Hampshire, nestled in the White Mountains halfway between Lisbon and Littleton, three miles or so off Route 10. It had been used as a girls' camp for over 50 years, and in recent years has been dedicated to music, including being the summer home for the Chorus of Westerly (Rhode Island). CDSS has held programs at Ogontz since 1999.

The camp, with its own secluded lake, is surrounded by acres of woods and sunny open spaces. The Dining Room has a warm rustic charm with wooden floors and windows on three sides looking out towards the lake and open grassy fields. Meals include lots of fresh bread and desserts from the large camp bakery. There is a beautiful dance hall equipped with a hardwood floor, a stage and fireplace. Several nice meeting spaces, including a barn loft, are used for our programs. A very special and popular spot to relax, read, listen to stories or just take in the scenery is a large grouping of Adirondack chairs, spread out under a large tree and overlooking the lake and in view of the surrounding mountains. The waterfront has a shallow, sandy beach, as well as places for diving and deep swimming, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. There are also swing sets, tennis courts and a special arts and crafts room. Also on the property are hiking paths following streams and waterfalls. Their New Ogontz Hall is under construction.

Ogontz Camp is a unique place and has its own traditions. The Kent family, who runs the camp, offers a friendly welcome to all guests.

The camp is about a three hour drive from Boston, MA, and six hours from New York, NY.

Housing at Ogontz

The rustic accommodations at Ogontz offer beautiful vistas and fresh mountain air. The Adirondack-style cabins (roofed platforms) have open sides, one wall of storage and rolldown tarps for privacy, and are generally without screens although mosquito nets are available. Each cabin accommodates a family of 2-6 people on single beds (usually). All have electric light. Shower rooms and toilet facilities are nearby. You have the option of bringing a tent (or two) to pitch on the cabin floor for added privacy and protection from bugs if it would make your family more comfortable.

Even mid-summer evenings in the New Hampshire mountains can sometimes be cold; you can be prepared by bringing extra blankets and even a soft hat to sleep in.

Housing is assigned in the month before camp starts and will be assigned based on the age of the youngest family member. Each family will be assigned its own cabin.

Please see Camplife for more details.