Foxfire: the Introduction

Foxfire is Karen Axelrod, piano, and Daron Douglas, violin. Rich harmonies and improvisation give new life to traditional tunes -- the music is lighthearted, and mysterious. Listen and dance.
2008, $16.00

CDS Boston English Dance Collection, Vol. 12: The Playford Ball

tl_files/cdss/images/officeEblasts/Oct2009/ECD12_001024.jpgThe newest recording in the CDS Boston, Bare Necessities English Dance series -- a selection of dances from The Playford Ball published by CDSS. Instructions for The Boatman, The Round, Shepherd's Holiday, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Orleans Baffled, Queen's Jig, Jenny Pluck Pears, Mad Robin, Hey Boys Up Go We, Hit and Miss, Indian Queen, Duke of Kent's Waltz, Dargason, Childgrove, Chestnut, Geud Man of Ballangigh.
2009, $16.00

"Thrill of It" T-shirt


tl_files/cdss/images/officeEblasts/Oct2009/T_Shirt graphic-01 copy.jpgOur new "Just for the Thrill of It" organic cotton CDSS T-shirt, available in black, red or navy, men's or women's sizes.

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"New Leaders" Takes Off!

by Robin Hayden, Development & Linda Henry, Outreach

We have nearly reached our $250,000 goal for the New Leaders, Good Leaders fund. Along the way, we had many great conversations -- about leadership, education, mentorship and community, among other absorbing topics. Who knew fundraising could be so much fun?!

Campers at our 2009 summer camps raised over $28,000 for New Leaders. As part of the fundraising wrap-up, a different CDSS staff member made a one-day visit each week to talk about New Leaders and listen to campers' ideas. Sales and Services Manager Jeff Martell created a special fundraising song which he performed at Folk Music Week; we'll post a video of it later.

On the Outreach side, it has been an amazing experience to receive, and be able to fund, grant proposals for such a variety of creative and worthwhile projects, including numerous musicians and callers workshops, events on college campuses, band mentorship, travel assistance for young ritual dancers, and a young people's Sacred Harp convention.

This Fall, New Leaders funds are going to an organizers/callers conference in Virginia and a mentorship series for the BIDA series in Boston. On the horizon: a Southeast Leadership Conference in North Carolina, the weekend of October 1, 2010.

The next deadline for grant applications is January 1. Keep those great ideas coming!


E-Blast, Website & New News Debut

by Caroline Batson, Promotion & Periodicals

Welcome to our first "e-blast," an informal and occasional way for us to alert you to upcoming deadlines, opportunities and information between issues of the newsletter. If you prefer not to receive email from us, you may opt out.

This blast is part of our new website program which debuted in August. Many thanks for your feedback on the site, by the way; we enjoy reading your letters and suggestions. And thanks as well for your comments on the new quarterly newsletter; the Fall issue is starting to reach our members' mailboxes with articles on Dance in the Classroom, Organizing a "Welcome" Workshop, How to Get Rich and Famous as a Traditional Musician, Bob McQuillen, and more. (If you're not a member, you can read a selection of articles from the issue.)


ECD Oral History Project

by Pat MacPherson, Education & Publications

tl_files/cdss/images/officeEblasts/Oct2009/Al_Pat_oral-history-proj.jpgWe have started an exciting new initiative -- the English Country Dance Oral History Project. Our focus is to document the history and activities of, and the seminal people associated with, the many communities across the continent where English country dancing has flourished. I am interested in the meaning people attach to this activity on which they have chosen to spend their valuable time and energy.

This past summer, I introduced the project at English Week at Pinewoods Camp, and had the immeasurable opportunity to speak with, and record the memories of, some of the dancers there. This experience made it all the more clear that this is important information to preserve.

The stories will be transcribed and eventually reside in the CDSS Archives at the New Hampshire Collection of Traditional Music and Dance of the University of New Hampshire Library in Durham, NH. If you are interested in adding the voices of your local dancers to the project you can start with the introduction, sample questions, intake and permission forms. Please contact me or 413-268-7426 x 106 if you want more information.

Al Blank & Pat MacPherson; photo by Nancy Blank


Meet Max

tl_files/cdss/images/officeEblasts/Oct2009/max_cropped_IMG_0219.JPGWe are very happy to announce that we've hired a new Youth Projects Intern for 2009-2010 -- Alaska native Max Newman. Max has been living on the East coast since graduating from Harvard, where he organized the campus contra dance. An excellent musician and music teacher, he has also worked as a marketing intern at Smithsonian Folkways, and as an election observer and field organizer in Fairbanks, AK. Max's projects this year will include maintaining the youth desk on the CDSS website, writing starter kits, and acting as liaison for youth to the CDSS Board and staff. A new initiative we're talking about with Max is to identify and work with young people across the continent who have the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge needed to create an outreach network to other young people across the continent.

You'll hear more from Max directly in upcoming newsletters and on the web. We invite you to contact him with questions, concerns, and for discussion at max@cdss.org or 413-268-7426 x 114.

Photo by Pat MacPherson

Summer Programs

The 2009 programs were wonderful. A big thanks to the program directors, staff and campers. The 2010 dates are now on our Programs webpage.
Ogontz Camp; photo by Kevin Budd