Northeast Leadership Conference

Northeast Regional Conference

This gathering of dance organizers from the northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT, ON) and beyond (MD, MI, PA, TN, TX) converged at the historic Hotel Coolidge in White River Junction, VT on 11/11/11. The weekend included an appetizing array of sessions during the day, dances both evenings, networking and discussions practically around the clock, and more!

The program was designed to provide resources for organizers of contra, English country, square, gender-role free, community and family dances. It was structured to address many aspects of creating and sustaining a successful dance series: clarifying our visions, building healthy dance organizations, making it happen, sound operation, long-range vision, etc. (See links in next column.)

In photo above, see lower row for organizers of this event (from left to right): Mary Wesley (VT), Chrissy Fowler (ME), Linda Henry (MA), Delia Clark (VT).

Puttin’ On the Dance: A Conference

for Northeast Dance Organizers

White River Junction, Vermont

November 11-13, 2011

78 participants
sessions for dance organizers
and sound operators

For in-depth views, follow these links:

  • mission of this conference
  • schedule of the weekend
  • descriptions of 24 session topics
  • fund your attendance - how groups can invest in the future of their dances by supporting their organizers to attend this event

Post-conference materials:

  • testimonials
  • photos
  • archive (session notes, handouts, presentations)
  • “We Are Not Alone” article in
    CDSS News
      (Winter 2012)

For additional information visit:

Other supporting organizations include: NEFFA, DEFFA, Monadnock Folklore Society, New England Dancing Masters

Questions? Contact Linda Henry,
CDSS Outreach Manager