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News from Canada - Rocky Mountain High in Calgary
Stephen Methot
News from Canada ~ Hamilton, Retooling for Dance Prosperity
Francey, Les, Ben Bolker, Tara Bolker
News from Canada ~ Poussettes on the Prairie
Morton, Anne
News from Canada – Mayne, the Little Island That Dances
Whitehead, Lael
News from Canada — Dancing with Style Workshop
Jo Young
News from Canada — Ooh La La, A Contra Dance Weekend Built on Cultural Exchange and Local Abundance
Jaige Trudell and Adam Broome
News from Canada: Contra Dancing Has Blown Downwind to Nova Scotia
Dottie Welch and Eliza West
News from Canada: Fiddling in BC (with Out the Buckhorn Way, a tune)
Rosemary Lach
News from Canada: Finding My Tribe and Bringing It Home
Janice Ferri
News from Canada: Sixteen Years of Being Voted Onto the Island a.k.a. the Toronto Island Dance