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"Come Sound His Praise Abroad" — Sacred Harp Singing Across Europe
Jesse P. Karlsberg
"For the Further Improvement of Dancing" — A Weekend of English Country Dance and Music
Karen Barrett
"Good Morning, Michigan"
Henry Ford, Benjamin Lovett and Lovett Hall, by Rick Szumski
12:30 a.m.
Gregorio, Julie
A Feast of Song: Attending the First Annual Youth Traditional Song Weekend
Emma Schneider
A Golden Anniversary — Fifty Years of the Pinewoods Morris Men
Natty Smith
A Lesson from Scottish Country Dancing
Jamie Tanner
A Musical Tour of Montreal
Susan Jaster and Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner
A Quartet of Poems
Laufman, Dudley, & Ken Blackwood, Ellen Tepper, Thomas Hardy
A Stellar Scholarship Adventure Changes the Lives of Youth
Fahrney, Eleanor