2016 Summer Camp Programs

Week Location Adult Family Start Date Program Directors
English Dance Week Pinewoods adult   07/30/16 Robin Hayden
Harmony of Song & Dance Pinewoods adult   07/23/16 Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
Early Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/13/16 Larry Zukof
Family Week at Pinewoods Pinewoods   family 07/16/16 Sam Bartlett & Abby Ladin
American Dance & Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/06/16 Sue Rosen
Campers' Week Pinewoods adult family 08/20/16 Margaret Bary
Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge Timber Ridge adult family 08/14/16 Janine Smith
Family Week at Ogontz Ogontz   family 07/31/16 Bettie & Steve Zakon-Anderson
The Revels Village Ogontz adult family 07/24/16 Paddy Swanson
Dance, Music & Spice Cavell adult   08/14/16 Carol Ormand
Contra Dance Callers Course Pinewoods adult   07/23/16 Lisa Greenleaf
English Dance Leaders Training in Music Pinewoods adult   08/13/16 Gene Murrow
Square Dance Callers Course Timber Ridge adult   08/14/16 Kathy Anderson
American Dance Musicians Course Timber Ridge adult   08/14/16 Larry Unger & Audrey Knuth
American Dance Musicians Course Ogontz adult   07/31/16 Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
Teachers Training Course Ogontz adult   07/31/16 Kari Smith
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