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Each year the Nominating Committee nominates one or more candidates for each position becoming vacant among the Officers and Governing Board Members at large, taking into account needed Board skills, geographic diversity, and a balance of interests and backgrounds. This year we are nominating the slate outlined in this PDF. A hard copy of the Nomination Slate is being mailed to all active members. As there are no more candidates than vacancies, the nominees are deemed elected and begin their service at the annual Board meeting in April 2015.


The geographically diverse Board is listed below. Correspondence for them may be sent to For photos and bios of Board members, click on the individual names.


Name State Term Ends Office
David Millstone NH 2018 President
Jenny Beer PA 2016 Vice President
Brooke Friendly OR 2017 Secretary
Craig Meltzner CA 2018 Treasurer

Board Members At Large

Name State Term Ends
Jill Allen KS 2016
Bev Bernbaum ON 2016
Nancy Boyd MA 2016
Martha Edwards MO 2017
Mark Galipeau CA 2018
Michael Hamilton OH 2017
Lorraine Lee Hammond MA 2018
Dorcas Hand TX 2017
Donald Hughes NC 2017
Carol Marsh DC 2016
John Mayberry ON 2017
Sharon McKinley MD 2017
David Means WA 2016
Pam Paulsen  WI 2018
Doug Plummer WA 2018
Nathaniel Puffer NM 2016
Diane Virginia Shaw FL 2018
David Shewmaker DC 2018
Natty Smith MA 2016


The minutes from the most recent Annual Meeting of the Governing Board are available here.


CDSS is Looking for Stars!

Are you seeing stars? CDSS is always on the look out for star volunteers. Are you one? Do you know someone who is a star?

The CDSS Governing Board is a group of hardworking volunteers who look at the big picture, the vision and direction of where the organization is heading and what we and CDSS should be doing. Board members come from all over the United States and Canada and represent our constituency in dance, music and song.

The CDSS Board will have a number of board members completing their terms next year and are seeking nominations for those positions before the end of June. As well, we’re often looking for people to participate in task groups and board committees as community member representatives. And as planning for our Centennial celebrations shifts into high gear, we’re anticipating all kinds of opportunities and will need volunteers.

The Nominating Committee submits a slate of qualified individuals for board “at large” positions each year. We’re also keeping a list of stars willing to serve on task groups and committees. We’re asking for your suggestions. Board members must be members of CDSS but community members serving on task groups and committees need not be.

Think about yourself and the people you know in your local community. We’re looking for people who have the appropriate mix of skills, experience, time, energy, teamwork style and have a passion for the country dance, music and song that we all love! Professional experience in any of the following categories would be particularly helpful: management, finance and/or banking, human resources, law, fundraising, publicity and small non-profit organizations. We want to hear about active, organized, thoughtful, responsible, creative, innovators in your community who have come up with an idea and worked with others to make it happen. We’re particularly interested in increasing the number of younger volunteers.

If you, or someone you know is a star, please let us know! Send us a short summary of the following:

  • Why you think they are a good board, task group or committee candidate
  • What work/activities and skills/qualities they have that are useful and relevant
  • What do they do in dance, music and song
  • How we can contact them (email, phone, mail)

Most of our committee work happens during the summer and early fall so please send your suggestions by June 30, to the CDSS Nominating Committee via email to or by mail to 301-140 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 3N8.

Bev Bernbaum, Chair, CDSS Nominating Committee

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