These books and other resources will help you find repertoire and develop your skills as a caller of English Country Dance. Most are available in the CDSS catalog, and others are available online.


  • Notes on Teaching Country Dance, by Bruce Hamilton: this book includes useful tips on calling technique and leadership in general
  • The Playford Ball: this essential text provides a great deal of information for anyone interested in ECD. Take a look at the About the Playford Ball dropdown above for more details.
  • CDS Boston English Dance Collection: these books provide dance instructions to accompany the tunes recorded by Bare Necessities on their CD series of the same name. Published by CDSS and CDS Boston Centre, and available in the CDSS catalog. We recommend starting with Volume 3: Simple Pleasures, and Volume 9: Strong Roots.
  • The CDSS Online Store features many other recordings of ECD music. Click on English Dance in the right sidebar for our current offerings, or get in touch with us if ou are looking for something specific.


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