npuffer 4453bf4aNathaniel Puffer (Taos, NM) attended a handful of contra & square dances in the areas of Greenfield and Cambridge, MA while living in Boston, but he really didn't discover the world of traditional dance until moving to New Mexico. Nate moved West in 2008 to seek his fortune in Las Vegas, NM (not NV), and took over as managing attorney of the small legal aid office there. Since there were but a handful of musicians in that town, he was compelled to begin performing the country gospel regularly at the old Harvey House hotel bar there (and can therefore truly say he had a "regular gig in Vegas"). When Nate transferred to the legal aid office in Taos, NM, he went to check out the monthly local contra dance and ended up promptly joining the band. Since then he's started attending larger dance events here and there, mostly around NM and CO, but also once in Berea, KY. In Taos they got the bright idea to start calling the dances themselves instead of going into debt paying callers to travel to their tiny little dance, and now that's what they're doing! Also, since about 2001 Nate has been fairly big on old-time music and has tried to travel to at least one big old-time or bluegrass festival or event each summer.

Now, Nate calls squares & contras for the monthly local dance in Taos, NM, he plays the banjo mandolin (a.k.a. loud mandolin) in the Taos Contraband dance band when not calling or dancing, and he sings old brotherly gospel harmonies (while playing guitar or mandolin) in the old-time country duo Nat & Zeke Bob's Gutter Gospel. He is the solo attorney in the Taos office of New Mexico Legal Aid, and usually bikes to work when not required to be in court. When it's warm he likes to keep a garden, when it's cold he likes to keep a wood fire. Finally, Nate has long been known by friends and associates as someone who brings together people of various backgrounds and interests, and he is now particularly looking to do this in the world of music by introducing friends and others to the world of traditional music and dance.
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