davidmeans f7cfa656David Means (Seattle, WA) had two left feet until the age of 35, when Bruce Hamilton convinced him that if he could walk, he could dance. He was active in the San Francisco Bay Area English and contra dance community for many years, and served as a member of the Playford Ball committee there for a few years. After moving to Seattle in 1991, he joined the dance community there and has found a calling as a dancer who practices non-verbal indications to make the dance flow more smoothly and comfortably for new dancers as well as those more experienced. In the last few years, he has served as Secretary for the Seattle Ball, bringing major improvements to the collaboration tools available to the committee, and setting up 21st-century communication procedures between the organizers and the dance community. Away from dancing, he has had a full career as a computer engineer, surviving a couple of start-up experiences, and is now keeping himself amused by building and repairing websites for customers throughout the world.
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