bev bernbaum 68cda99fBev Bernbaum (Toronto, ON) has been a folk festival junkie since 1977. She found contra dancing quite by accident at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 1996 and was immediately hooked. She joined the Toronto Country Dancers (TCD) that fall, was at her first dance weekend by Thanksgiving and at Pinewoods by the following summer. Bev has held positions as the communications person, treasurer and president for TCD over the years. A fellow dancer suggested she’d make a good caller, and in 1998, she made her debut for a group of drunken students at a college pub! Since then, Bev has continued to call all over Ontario and across the United States, at local dances, dance weekends, festivals and camps. In 2006, Bev picked up the banjo and knew it was a match made in heaven. She’s been playing old-time claw hammer style since then and attends Appalachian festivals and camps regularly. In the last couple of years, she’s started dancing modern western squares and English country regularly. In 2009, Bev was the staff caller at a camp primarily focused on music and singing, and has since joined the weekly song circle. Bev joined the CDSS Board in 2010, and began serving on the Nominating Committee, which she now chairs. She co-organizes the “News from Canada” column in the CDSS News, determined to increase awareness of Canadian events and groups involved in continuing the traditions. When she’s not dancing, calling, playing or singing, Bev is an information systems consultant in healthcare.
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