jennybeerJenny Beer (Lansdowne, PA) calls Philadelphia her home dance community. She leads English country dances and, less often, traditional community dances and Scottish country dances. Occasionally you’ll see her playing dance piano, and she crafts a new dance now and again. A member of CDSS since 1982, Jenny started “country dancing” the second day of freshman week in Indiana and happily joined groups wherever life has taken her since: northern Japan, Vermont, Delaware, Berkeley, CA, Osaka, Japan. In earlier incarnations she was an avid contra dancer, and the first dance she ever wrote was “spinning Jenny,” which had three swings. More recently, she had a great time leading Swarthmore College’s folkdance class for 13 years. Jenny loves the messiness and pleasure of getting people to participate together, and appreciates CDSS’ focus on supporting the groups that make participatory dance and song happen in their local communities. On the organizational side, she has more than a decade of experience running dance group websites, enjoys drawing new dancers, musicians and volunteers into the community, has helped with redesigning bylaws, and has taken on dozens of other dance organizational jobs. Jenny also brings to the Board skills from her consulting practice in facilitation, conflict resolution and cross-cultural communication.
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