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Benefits of Individual/Family Membership

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As a member of CDSS, you'll receive the benefits listed below and join the more than 3,000 people who are supporting our dance and music community.

  • CDSS News — quarterly newsletter packed with interesting articles, tunes, dances,...
  • Group Directory — compilation of groups that sponsor dance and music events
  • Members' List — access to members' contact info via our web site (per their privacy preferences)
  • Camp priority — priority admission to our summer camp programs
  • Discount — 10% discount on items from the CDSS store
  • Voice — members have a voice in the governance of CDSS
  • Liability insurance — members are eligible for Callers' Liability Insurance
  • Free Fractured Atlas Associate Membership — Any CDSS member can become an Associate Member of Fractured Atlas for free and take advantage of the services they offer. Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit group that serves arts organizations nationwide. Services available to CDSS members include access to health insurance, online courses to help with fundraising, marketing and other business topics, access to their calendar, and special offers and discounts. Learn more about Fractured Atlas.
  • Children’s Music Network, our new non-profit partner!  The Children's Music Network celebrates the positive power of music in the lives of children by sharing songs, exchanging ideas, and creating community.  Both organizations are excited about the opportunities that this partnership offers to all our members, and about our shared commitment to the value of participatory arts. 

    CDSS members can register for the CMN conferences and receive a $30 discount allowing you to register at the CMN Member rate.   When you register enter the special PROMO Code: CDSS.  That's easy!  Additional, if you decide to become a member of CMN at that time, you would receive an additional $30 savings. Learn more about CMN and its members at

Individual and Family Membership Rates

Your membership, at whatever level, provides critical support for our efforts to support traditional dance, music and song communities.You are welcome to define any household as a "family" if that seems true to you.

Donor Level Memberships

Type Amount
Cecil Sharp Society $5000.00
May Gadd Society $2500.00
Patron $1000.00
Sustainer $500.00
Supporter $250.00
Contributor $100.00

Regular Memberships

Type Amount
Family $75.00
Individual $50.00
Family/Limited Income $35.00
Student/Limited Income $25.00

Printable form

If you would prefer to send in your payment by mail, here is a printable membership form. (pdf)

Gift memberships

A gift membership is a wonderful way to introduce your friends to the wider world of dance and song. Who do you know who would love to join our community with you? (You can purchase gift memberships by following the same Join or Renew link.)

Tax deductions

CDSS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Membership dues and donations are fully tax deductible.