Leadership Funds

CDSS is committed to supporting dance and song communities in their efforts to develop more and better teachers, leaders, musicians and skilled organizers, and to encouraging and increasing youth participation in these activities. To that end, we have established and combined several funds supporting leadership development. These include:

  • New Leaders/Good Leaders Fund: supports training grants, financial backing and scholarships for events and publications involving dance leaders, musicians, singers and event organizers — 3-year fundraising now complete!
  • May Gadd/Phil Merrill Fund: provides loans, financial backing and grants to groups starting new events (weekends, festivals, conferences, etc.); loans for publications; scholarships for CDSS programs
  • Mary Kay Friday Leadership Fund: provides grants for dance leader, caller and musician development
  • Chuck Ward Musicians Training Fund: gives grants to training programs for novice and experienced English country dance musicians
  • Early Music Week Leadership Fund: provides annual scholarships to CDSS's Early Music Week at Pinewoods, to promising students of Early Music, with leadership potential, who have never been to Early Music Week.