WE LOVE traditional and participatory dance, music and song, especially those with roots in English and North American culture. We believe in the joy and strength they bring to individuals and communities, and we are committed to their vitality and sustainability. Read more about our traditions... 

What's New

Camp Registration Open!

Come dance and sing your brains out this summer!

Bylaw Changes Approved

We needed 306 valid votes; we received 1064 in favor and 10 against; the amended bylaws are here.

Centennial Tour Communities Chosen

Seven groups have been chosen to be our local partners for the CDSS Centennial Tour; details will be announced later. Thanks to everyone who applied - we wish we could visit you all!

Contra Dance Callers Survey

Did you read the Contra Dance Callers survey results? Fascinating.

Cracking Chestnuts Videos

This companion page features links to videos illustrating the dances.

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