Group Liability Insurance

CDSS offers our affiliate groups the opportunity to participate in our Group General Liability Insurance Policy underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance.

What It Covers

This is a general commercial liability policy. It is not accident insurance. Liability insurance is for when you are sued, and negligence of some sort on the part of the group has to be proven.

Coverage is $2,000,000 per occurrence, with an aggregate limit of $4,000,000 for the policy; Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and terrorism coverage are not included.

How It Works

The insurance year runs May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016.

The premium is $450, $550 or $650 for full year coverage, depending on how many events you are covering, or $50 per calendar day. Neither fee is refundable after your coverage begins.

Additional insureds are $30 each, regardless of when you add them. The purpose of “additional insured” is coverage for the hall or site and is not necessary unless the hall owner requests it, i.e., if they want the hall’s name on the certificate of insurance. Some places insist on this; others don’t.

Please allow at least three weeks for processing your application. Certificates of insurance will be forwarded as soon as we receive them from our insurance agent.


For more information, contact Jeff Martell: 413-203-5467 x103,