Donate to Scholarships & Special Projects

Thanks, everyone! We reached and surpassed our 2012 fundraising goal for Scholarships & Special Projects!

tl_files/cdss/images/donate/cdssfundraisechart.jpgRunning and sustaining our Scholarship Program is one of the most far-reaching and meaningful things we do as an organization! Each year, dozens of individuals and families receive scholarships to attend our camp programs and leadership training courses. Scholarship recipients’ presence at camp enriches our experience, and represents our investment in the future of this very special community.


Rising costs = more scholarships

In recent years as camp costs have risen we’ve redoubled our efforts to make scholarships available to as many campers as possible.

So far in 2012 we have awarded a total of $50,579 in both work and “named” scholarships. At some weeks, we have awarded as much as $9,500 for as many as 14 named and even more work scholarships!

Special Projects

The generosity of many, many campers and friends has sustained CDSS’s Scholarships & Special Projects program over the past 25 years and more. As we approach our Centennial in 2015, we’re committed to sustaining our ever-growing scholarship program, as well as grants to groups and individuals for musicians, callers, and organizers workshops, regional leadership conferences, mentorships, publications, online resources, youth and intergenerational development, and other special projects.

Even for those not participating at camps this summer, the compelling need for and potential impact of these projects is clear. In order to sustain this work, we need everyone’s support!


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